7 Reasons to Install Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

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If you have a pool at home, you’re probably aware that by law, Australia requires you to install a fence around your swimming pool to prevent pool-related injuries or accidents. Especially if you have pets and little children, safety fencing should always be a priority.

At Cairns Tiling, we offer several pool fencing options but most homeowners prefer frameless glass pool fencing because it provides the safety and security they need while at the same time increasing the visual appeal of their home.

Benefits of a Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Consider the following benefits:

Extremely Strong and Durable

Frameless glass pool fencing is made from 12mm thick tempered glass—a sturdy and unbreakable material. During the production process, it was heated to more than 700 °C. This makes it extremely strong that if you drop it on concrete, it won’t break!

Now, you won’t have to worry about your pool fence getting damaged by severe weather or temperature changes.

Increases the Visual Appeal of Your Yard

If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, installing frameless glass pool fencing will do the trick. It makes your backyard look modern and elegant with its stylish and sleek design. What’s more, it will increase your property’s value.

Safe Around Pets and Kids

Unlike other pool fences, frameless glass pool fencing doesn’t have footholds that little children can climb up with. It also doesn’t have large gaps where pets can pass through. This reduces the risk of any pool-related accidents because your kids and pets won’t be able to access the pool area unsupervised.

Resistant to Pool Chemicals

Over time, chlorine can cause corrosion in metal fencing. The good thing with frameless glass pool fencing is it’s impervious to pool chemicals, which makes it an ideal fencing option.

Clear and Unobstructed View

Keeping an eye on what’s happening in your pool area will prevent the risks of pool-related injuries or accidents. This is helpful for parents with little children. You’ll be able to supervise what’s going on while relaxing on your deck.

Easy to Maintain

Since frames are not present, dirt can’t be trapped. This makes cleaning easier and quicker. Aside from that, glass fences are resistant to corrosive environments. Which means it will not rot or rust over time.

All you need is a glass cleaner, sponge, and water to keep your pool fencing sleek and clean.

Good Investment

Although it’s more expensive than other fencing options, frameless glass pool fencing is extremely durable fences and lasts a lifetime. It won’t rust over time, which means you don’t need to spend anything on repainting, repairs, and replacements.


If you’re planning to invest in frameless glass pool fencing, you’re on the right track! Considering the many benefits it offers, no wonder why most homeowners are choosing this type of pool fencing. Aside from keeping your family safe, it also increases the value of your property!

Are you ready to have a glass pool fencing installed? Here at Cairns Pool Fencing, we will turn your vision into reality! Elevate your property’s security and aesthetics with the best fencing contractors in Cairns.