What to Consider When Choosing Pool Fencing

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Keeping your swimming pool area safe is a top priority. Most pool accidents can be prevented if there’s pool fencing installed. Despite Australia’s strict laws and regulations regarding pool fencing, accidents involving pets and little children still occur in backyard swimming pools.

Even if you have a pool fence installed, accidents can still happen if there’s an inadequate pool enclosure instalment, wrong choice of pool fencing materials, or the sloppy work of an unreliable contractor.

Before you start building your pool fencing, here are the factors you should consider in choosing the best pool fencing for you:

Know Your Budget

The first thing you should consider is the cost of pool fencing installation including the fencing materials such as gate panels, hinges, fence panels, handrails, gate latches, and many more.

How big is the area that your pool fencing needs to cover? A bigger area means bigger expenses. You should also choose a fencing material that will fit your budget. Here at Cairns Pool Fencing, we have a large selection of premium-grade materials to choose from that will fit any budget.

Material And Strength

In choosing a material for your pool fencing, you must ensure that it’s strong enough to withstand weather conditions to provide the safety that you need. There are different types of materials and their strengths vary. Aside from strength, your material should also be aesthetically pleasing and match your home’s design.

Permanent vs Removable Pool Fence

There are two types of pool fencing—permanent and removable. A permanent pool fence will stay in place for good. In case you decide to have it removed, it will cost a fortune. On the other hand, a removable fence can be removed and put back on easily. in case you want a bigger space when you’re having a party.

Make Sure It Meets Legal Requirements

You should know the pool fence requirements in your area to avoid unwanted penalties. There are different local regulations in each state in Australia, so make sure you check your local requirements.

Choose A Reliable Team

Lastly, you should consider getting a reliable team to install your pool fencing. Your pool fence protects you and your family from any pool-related accidents. Making sure your pool fence is properly installed will give you peace of mind.

At Cairns Pool Fencing, our team has a proven track record of providing quality and long-lasting pool fences. We are licensed and insured. All of our pool fencing options meet the specific requirements in Australia. We have all the tools and equipment needed for the installation service. Rest assured, we will deliver your pool fence on schedule.


Whether you have a small or large pool fencing project, it’s important to consult an expert for professional advice. Hiring a reliable will give you peace of mind and a stress-free pool fencing project,

At Cairns Pool Fencing, we guarantee that our pool fences are stable, durable, and long-lasting. We only use the highest quality fencing materials that are available in the market. Contact our Cairns fencing contractor if you need more information regarding our pool installation services.